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iFME Works Pte Ltd was established in 2013 with a vision to provide a diverse field of engineering expertise and methodology serving mainly data centres. iFME stands for “IF it is ME”, which simply means, to put ourselves into our customer’s position and delivering a quality work as what we’d expect if it was our own. iFME also stands for ‘Infrastructure’, ‘Facilities’, ‘Mechanical’ and ‘Electrical’ Services.

To be the most resourceful and innovative service provider in Data Centre industry.

Innovative | Focussed | Meticulous | Excellent

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Our Specialisation

Data Centre Design & Solutions Data Centre Design & Solutions
Facilities & Energy Efficiency Solutioning Facilities & Energy Efficiency Solutioning
Turnkey Project Management Turnkey Project Management
Air Conditioning & Ventilation System Air Conditioning & Ventilation System
Building Management System Building Management System
Electrical & UPS System Electrical & UPS System
Fuel Storage & Distribution System Fuel Storage & Distribution System
General Engineering General Engineering
Scheduled Maintenance Scheduled Maintenance
Multimedia Multimedia

Our Solutions


Using our proven energy efficient sizing methodology, we are able to size our customers’ equipment to its optimal capacity. We help obtain 15% or more improvement in performance efficiency and achieve substantial reduction in energy saving.


Space is a valuable commodity, our design is able to maximise the use of space to accommodate our customers’ equipment. Utilizing our warehousing strategy, our multi-level racking system can help increase the space usage by up to 200%.


A large expense in operating a data center involves cooling, taking up to 30% of the overall energy consumption. With our adiabatic cooling solution, we are able to reduce our customers’ energy consumption and operation cost by up to 12%.

of Equipment

We develop concepts to optimise and extend the use of your legacy equipment by implementing EC Technology and VSD in CRACs. Our approach is not only less risky to your operation, it also avoid hefty capital spend, saving up to 30% on cooling costs.


We adopt the principle of “deploy as you grow”, using scalable and modular strategies for space and equipment. Our customers can grow on demand and reduce the upfront cost. This ensures that resources are effectively utilized.

Customised Design
& Solutions

We always have our customers in mind at the core of our solution. We design and build our solution to customer needs and specifications. With our design & build one-stop solution, we help our customers save up to 20% of time for implementation.

24/7 Management
of Equipment

When data centers experience unplanned downtime, it causes a significant impact to the business. We can reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by up to 400% by maintaining critical spares, thus quickly recovering the system from failure.


Cost Management is important in all projects and upgrading works. With good design, proper planning and effective project management, we are able to reduce wastage, maximise resources and achieve savings of up to 20% of the cost.

  • Engineering Solution

    Our methodology is tried and trusted, following a strategic workflow to ensure desired results. We begin with identifying the required results, the effects you wish to create and the associated points of impact. Followed by careful consideration of the structure. Suitable points of action are also reviewed and discussed with the team before configuring planned courses of action. iFME Works then carry out the proposed courses of action.

  • Design And Build

    Project delivered with one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion. The advantages include, teamwork development, single point of responsibility, open communication, eliminating adversarial conditions, not restricted to project types and faster project delivery. The design and construction are performed by a single team, under one contract, which reduces the owner's risk from diffused responsibility for design and construction.

  • Multimedia wall

    A special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. The system displays high-resolution still images, HD videos, live HD video streams and PC applications. Multiple feeds can be displayed on the wall simultaneously and users can reposition and resize each feed in much the same way they move and resize windows on a PC desktop.

Our Strengths

We have vast knowledge and 20 years of experiences in data centres from designing, building, to maintaining.

We make ourselves the owners of what we do and stay committed to deliver beyond our customer’s requirements.

We constantly innovate in our designs and strive to provide resilient solutions for our customers in their data centre facilities.

We understand our customers’ challenges in their critical environment and protect their business as if it is our own.


"To our surprise, iFME was able to complete a critical job with ease. I will highly recommend Nicholas and his team for our future projects.”

The World’s Leading Online Payments Provider

"iFME did a terrific job in carrying out the work. They easily exceeded our expectations. The quality was not only in the work delivered but also the process of implementation as well.”

European Leading Bank

"iFME has stood by us in the time of crisis and helped us overcome difficult situation in the delivery and installation of CRAC units in a live critical facility of a international bank.”

A Global Specialist in Energy Management

iFME has undertook and completed some of the unique and challenging projects that require in-depth engineering knowledge and experience. They are driven and have proven themselves to be reliable service provider.”

Data Centre Owner

"iFME responded to our urgent call. The team are serious and responsible and help us to settle the work only half the time given.”

Global Corporate Company
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We care about new beginnings laying solid foundations and building strong relationships.

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About Us

iFME Works Pte Ltd, we believe anything is possible. We pride ourselves for the commitment to the solutions we provide for data centres and commercial buildings. The ‘can-do’ attitude enables us to provide sound and effective solutions to suit your business needs. We are dedicated and constantly put ourselves in your position to provide quality solutions that are catered to your needs.

Our SCOPE and SERVICES includes:

  • Data Centre Design and Build
  • ACMV, CRACs, Chillers and other Mechanical Installation
  • Switchboard, PDUs, Sub Cables and Electrical Installation
  • Customization Build to Order Design and Engineering
  • Maintenance of Chillers, Cooling Tower, CRACs, FCUs


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